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Dear Nalu fans... do not kill me... With that out of the way...
Dan Straight and Lucy Heartfilia. I honestly don't even know why... I guess I just liked Dan's character. I wish we could see more of him. I never really shipped Nalu, since the only person Natsu has ever shown any kind of romantic interest in was Lisanna when they were kids... I think Natsu has actually dematured... (is that a word?). Then I shipped her with Loki/Leo until I met Aries... I kind had this idea of Lucy and Taurus... but I never actually thought it would work. Then Dan came along and seemed to me, like the most normal person for her, which if you remember episode 49 she dated (kinda) the writer guy... who seems to be the normal one... though she does eventually choose to go on the mission, it gave me the feeling that Lucy really is quite a normal person, especially compared to the rest of Fairy Tail... THEY WENT OVERBOARD! Am I right? So yeah... not much else I can say...
Still nah for me, he was way too annoying in my opinion! If I didn't ship NaLu, I'd probably be back on the GrayLu ship, tbh. That said, I respect your crack ship selection, even if it's not my cup of tea
dude ur the best I don't like nalu either and I always say that reason that they we're together since kids and she helped hatch happy
Lucy may only be with Natsu πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jk good ship. I would have agreed with you on this ship if I wasn't a Nalu fan πŸ˜‚