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“I’m not happy that Revelry is over. I didn’t expect it to end, it’s annoying me.”
“I confessed, we’re a couple, what more is there?”
“I don’t know. The everyday, the arguments – I think my readers really it like when the two of you fight.”
“LOL, they like it when I’m a bad boy. Could they handle the real me? I’m actually a nice guy.”
“Nice guys have bad sides too, everyone does. My readers are sad your story is over, you’re my most popular fan fic.”
BIG SMILE, “Of course I am, your readers have good taste.”
“Wow,” eye roll.
“Admit it; you love me more than they do.”
“Of course I do, every writer falls in love with her leading man.”
“Knew it. Fine. Anything for my girls, what do they want?”
“Well, YOU obviously but that can’t happen in reality.” (he laughs) “How about I give idea’s and the ladies choose?”
He raises an eyebrow, “Like?”
“Hmm… we could just continue and call it Section2, or we could add back story and fillers to what’s already there. What do you think?”
“It isn’t what I think, it’s what my ladies want.” Gives a smolder, “I’m all about fan service.”
*me facepalming
So this is what's happening in my head, yes writers, at least this one, are insane. XD Any takers out there? What's the opinion and consensus?
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do what your brain tells you Eonni... make magic happen all over again!!!
2 years ago·Reply
section 2 please
2 years ago·Reply
Section 2 most definitely😉. Maybe we should ask the jackass whisperer?! Help translate what going on in that head of his! hehe!
2 years ago·Reply
section 2 please I can't wait for the story this is so exciting 😁😁😁😆😆😆
2 years ago·Reply
well this was amazing!!! i enjoyed catching up on it! if you continue to section 2 tag me please
2 years ago·Reply