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Baro from B1A4! I LOVE his acting. I've watched everything he's been in. Plus, you know, he's adorbs. The drama is called 'Master: God of Noodles' (right, I thought the same thing: wtf is that even?). But I'm actually REALLY feeling the concept so far. I'm watching it on DramaFever & it's new, so there's only one episode up there right now. **Update: Baro is crazy af in this. That is all. 馃槱
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He is always in a drama called Answer me 1994
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@KaeliShearer I saw that one after 'God's Gift!' that was when I truly fell in love with his acting because I saw how versatile he was.
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I really want to watch it 馃槴 but I haven't yet
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@yoongiinsfires it's pretty good! the amount of evil in this show is just crazy though. 馃様
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@DeeInGee evil doesn't bother me haha I'll probably check it out soon and even if i don't like it much still watch because of baro haha
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