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I think the answer is quite obvious, he is one of the most recognizable anime character of all time. He has a strong will, a large appetite, and an abundant love for his friends and will always fight for his friends. I am speaking of course, of the future King of the Pirates Monkey D. Luffy!
See, even Max agrees! Okay but for real, my choice is the adorable Coco.
So my real choice is Edolas Coco. I like her a lot more than Earthland character, since she's kind of a jerk. But Edolas Coco is just so adorable! Her innocence, her appearance, and even her movements and mannerisms just make her so lovable! I could watch the above gif of her all day.
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lol, nice lead in! And nice pick too! Love Coco!
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All I'm gonna say is thanks for pointing this out haha!! Luffy the future king of pirates my favorite edolas character haha!!
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