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We have a mystery on our hands! c:

Monsta X released a unique teaser photo of their foots written "X" on them! ㅋㅋ The link is below the picture at the top^ (Credit to Allkpop)
Coming from their official Facebook page, it have hashtags like #Lost, #Theclan, #TheClue, and #X_Clan. What could this mean?? Interesting right? Look at those pretty manly feet xD lol I bet you're going to be guessing which foot is your bias right? xD

I'm loving whatever this concept may be and I can't wait to see what Monsta X is up to :) What do you think of their teaser photo?

*Kpopint does not own any of these photos. creds to the rightful owners :)

Reporter @parktaemi

I'm really interested in what the next teaser pic I'm so confused but I'm ready to know
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mmmm, man feet! 😂😍 why is it still an attractive photo
2 years ago·Reply
look at there toes 😂😂😣
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