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People are shitting their pants (maybe literally) about the fact that gender neutral bathrooms are about to spring up so that the transgendered community will never have to worry about which bathroom to go into. Because you know, having a safe place to use the bathroom should normally be a fundamental human right. God forbid, I know. But what's so insane is that my newsfeed is blowing up over people now protesting target because they are all in favor for these bathrooms!! Here are some of the arguments.
1. Some pervert is going to come in and rape my child in a public bathroom. 2. If they still have a dick they should be in the guys bathroom, and vice versa. 3. Why the fuck should we make more trouble for ourselves just to make sure someone can use the bathroom?! The list of insanity goes on. To which I have to remind everyone ....
1. Statically child molesters are usually heterosexual males. Oh and also, usually someone you know so... This is awkward now. 2. What someone has underneath their pants could not be any less of your business. No one is asking about your junk so stop asking about other people's. It's fucking rude. 3. What you are freaking out about is the right for someone to use the bathroom. Do you understand how insane that is? Newsflash, transgendered people's are PEOPLE, treat them like such. 4. Oh and by the way, these people have been using the bathrooms THIS WHOLE TIME! It's not like they just held it in all these years. And yet.... There hasn't really been any reports of brutal public bathroom rapes by transpeople........
Look, if you feel uncomfortable with someone whose different then you that's fine. It is not my place to force you to open up your mind and accept something you can't possibly understand. But if that's the case, do us all the favor and hold your bullshit until you get home. If you are so worried about whose in the bathrooms, don't fucking use them.
I find it more offensive that people don't wash their hands before leaving the bathroom than I do sharing a bathroom with transgendered person's.
O...M...G... I'm so there on the 3rd B-room... PLZ tell me we can put paired statuary @ the front arch! LOL!