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just look at him he's one of the reasons I'm exo trash (exo-l). I first met this tall idol on roommate (a variety show which is amazing) also I met him on the finebros youtubers react to kpop and wooowww I was hooked and baited to exo.
sorry it's late(if I have followers ) I've been a little too busy anyways -k
I love Chanyeol more than life he's my exo UB he's so sweet and so perfect
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i want to curl up in his ears
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that sounds weirder than i imagined....
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@kpopandkimchi ummm yeah lol but I get the feeling you were going for. It's ok fangirling can offer make us say and do weird things 😘
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@Tigerlily84 agreed and also @kpopandkimchi Chanyeol is so adorable I totally get what you mean by that lol
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