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Just in time for bikini season, a new body positive movement is sweeping the nation! #dropthetowel, created by Wear Your Voice magazine is reminding all of us this summer to stop covering up your body, pick out that colorful bikini that makes you feel like a sexual beast and hit the beach! No crunches required.
It's time we stop equating "the perfect bikini body" with thin, "toned", perky girls who have somehow mastered the ability to sit up without having rolls (authors note: everyone gets rolls.) The beach is suppose to be fun and your bathing is suppose to match your personality and make you feel beautiful, not cower and hate yourself because some stranger who is irrelevant doesn't think you should wear one. Seems to me they have their own issues because they are worrying about you at the beach. Sounds like a personal problem. So join movement and make sure you treat yourself to that bathing suit you've been dreaming about. You deserve it and I know it's gonna look AWESOME!
This deserves al the love in the world. ♡♡♡ Now if only I still lived in New York and not Indiana... :'(
This is great!!!! Jointing the movement this summer.