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You know it is so funny how I've come to love Fairy Tail so much, but before the love...there was hate.
Honestly, I really didn't like fairy tail because I felt it was sexist. I mean episode 1 started off with Lucy using her "feminine charms" to get a discount on an item.
However after returning to the series in 2014 I found it really enjoyable for one particular reason: the plot!
Joking joking! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Fairy tail gives me an amazing sense of adventure! Almost every episode has a great battle! And the beautiful locations that they go to are just...WOW!! There has not been a single arc that has fallen below my expectations.
I mean yeah the whole family and love conquers all message does get a bit stale sometimes, but it's always comforting to watch! I love it so much now!
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