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Wow can't believe this will be the last FTG post. Alright... the reasons I love Fairy Tail. I could talk about how it came be funny, sad, scary, humorous all in one without feeling out of place, but since most animes can do that... I'll explain why I love it specifically rather than what I love about most animes in general. But to properly explain that we need to go back in time... well not really... I'll tell you the story of how I found Fairy Tail, which is kinda like going back in time... meh...
(Ahh... back when Trigun and Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple was on Netflix) It was a school day, but I was stuck at home with a fever. This was several years ago, since I was still in Middle School, but I had only been an anime fan for about a month. My anime repertoire was limited to, Baka and Test, Ouran High School Host Club, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood and the 2003) and Naruto. Yeah... we all have to start somewhere... now my anime/manga list is somewhere in the 120s (and understand I watch/read long anime/manga, Case Closed being the longest with over 800+ episodes and it's still ongoing!)... and have spent over 2000 dollars on manga (a large chunk of which has been on the 60+ Case Closed volumes)... but anyway. Netflix was my main source for anime. So as I was perusing the "Suggestions for you" section, I came across Fairy Tail. In all fairness, even if I hadn't found it then I would have found it later... but since Fairy Tail was one of my earlier animes, it left a bigger impact on me. I mean, look at the above list of anime... the only two actions ones are FMAB and Naruto, but I was barely to the Chunin Exams in Naruto, so I didn't quite have a grasp on the Shonen genre, since FMAB is anything but standard shonen. But as a bored, sick teen with very little anime exposure to the amazingness of shonen. And then... I watched a dude literally eat fire.
Okay let me explain. I had only seen like two kinds of fire manipulation, Roy Mustang, and Sauske/Kakashi. Both were producing and fit the show without standing out too much (Sauske/Kakashi more so than Roy) but Natsu ate fire! If that isn't the most badass a newbie otaku weeb can see... I don't know what it. I mean, years later, Hiei, Hibari, Vegeta, Shunpei Closer, etc... are all way more badass... but at the time, that was the most amazing thing. It basically started the "Who would wins" with me and my brother. Not only that, the show was funny, sure I can name a lot funnier shows now, but it was the first real funny show that wasn't entirely comedy (other than FMAB which I never compare other anime to since I didn't even know what anime was and was my first so it has a special place in my heart) like OHSHC and Baka and Test. Also he was voiced by Todd Haberkorn, AKA Ling Yao, my favorite FMA character. It's basically like, Hello remember your favorite character? Well he voices the protagonist. You're welcome. I mean now I'm watching a lot of subs and I've seen Todd in a lot of stuff... but Fairy Tail was still early on so it blew me away. It was also the first real fanservicey anime... and I was a middle schooler... No shame... but I never felt that any of the females were unfairly sexualized. I'm planning a card about this later, but Erza's figure is just a reflection of how above average she is. Her figure matches her personality and persona. But anyway.. I was hooked. It was funny, exciting, and I enjoied the early battles. I mean I still like the battles, but Erigor's wind being beaten by the heat from Natsu's fire with the science was something I'd like to come back... but I digress. After all, the ending to Azuma and Erza's fight is still one of my favorite endings... so I'm not compaling. So that's my final FTG post. Tagging; @Thatperson512 @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @AimeBolanos @TBird @OtakuDemon10 @SAMURXAI
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