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As if Ikon doesn't get enough hate as it is people are saying Bobby plagiarized Anthem. * SERIOUS RANT*
Now Yes it is a little similar, but that doesn't mean he did copy it I'm not going to be one of those people who blindly defend and all that I love Bobby but If he did I wish for him to take responsibility for it. What I'm pissed off about is HOW PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HIM SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HECK DID HE OR IKON DO TO GET SO MUCH HATE FROM WHAT SEEMS LIKE EVERYONE! BOBBY IS SO FXCKING TALENTED! He left his family to go to Korea when he was still a kid! He has worked his axx off to get where he is now yet all he gets is hate and people saying ^^^ that crap about him. I'm seriously so tired of seeing hate everywhere I turn for not only Ikon, but many other groups like guys leave them the Fxck alone!!! IDOLS WORK THEIR AXXES OFF EVERYDAY AND GET HURT A LOT YET AND MAKE SURE THEIR FANS ARE HAPPY, BUT THE GET SO MUCH HATE UGH!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!
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Like what the hell people. There's millions of songs out there that have similar words and lyrics all the time, and I don't see those artists getting beaten on for their songs. This is just plain ridiculous
What is up with people hating on IKON. That's all I hear nowadays. Yes okay the verse is similar I won't lie about that, but come on now. Plagerism. Only a couple of words were the same. It's not like he copied the whole verse, also just because some words are similar to a song doesn't mean he copied it. The words that he used, most rappers use them. Does that mean that every rapper who used those words plagerized from one individual??? Come on people let's be serious. The word "Plagerism" can affect a person a lot. Bobby/ IKON are super talented. leaving them alone. They haven't done anything wrong. If you guys don't like them, that's fine. Don't ruin it for the people that like IKON (me especially 😣😣) They've worked there butts off to get where they are at now. They deserve better than this.
Like seriously who cares theres billions of songs out there. And sometimes lyrics just come out how ever they want too not knowing if it has already been used or not. And seriously why does everyone hate ikon? like rhythm ta is 💯💯💯
Poor Bobby 😭😭 why are they always bashing like wtf there are so many similar songs and nobody accuses anyone else of plagiarism