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The song Rory Shield by Sorority Noise rminds me of a very particular time in my life. It isn't necessarily the greatest time in my life. But it certainly was a time where things happened that, well, I wasn't really that fond of but went through with it anyway.
What I'm trying to say is this: it specifically reminds me of the times in college I felt like I was being used. Not in a way where I wasn't consenting or anything like that. But it was a situation where it was obvious the only thing me and the other person had in common was the fact that we both drank whisky and PBR every Thursday and after a couple of those we felt just cold enough to look for someone else to keep us warm.
But that's all it was. And you know, most people would be like, "hey what a great casual situation you have there, Paul". But in reality it was hard for me to not get feelings for this person even though it was obvious they weren't really feeling me. It's a bummer of a feeling but hey, at least I have this awesome song to listen to, right?

Notable Lyrics:

Tell me again that you don't wanna break my heart and i'll tell you again that it's already broken. Beg me again to get out of your head and into your bed so you can fuck me like the rest.
Love me, like you used to. And by used to, I mean I'm a fucking joke. Kiss me, like you mean it and by mean it, I mean walk away like you don't even know my name.