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had to show my work on Photoshop crappy kinda right but #2 is my Christmas card and that's when I started watching fairy tail wouldn't Rico do great as a wizard
The reason I love fairy tail is because it's the happiest thing that has ever happened in my life. it's always been my dream to have magic in the world I've always dreamed since I was a kid avatar the last airbender and every magic show ever made me ever so happy and then I found an anime that showed my dream again and then there is fire and ice my two favorite things plus shadow magic and dragon, talking animals and beautiful girls and I've always wished for some form of magic so I could always protect the ones I loved just like natsu it's the best feeling in the world seeing a world of magic and happiness the two things I've wanted most since I was born I know it's weird I say this but fairy tail is the only thing that give me happiness in this world that Is why I love fairy tail thank you for letting me participate.
thank you so much NAKAMA for letting befriend you all