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It's actually SO OKAY right now that your bridesmaids and matron/maid of honor wear it too. And yes, you can wear white along with them! These are the days when brides have more confidence and power to say, do and wear whatever they want.
Thanks, mostly, for the instant access to worldwide customs, ideas, fashions, styles, protocol and an abundance of YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT vibes via social media, weddings aren't subject to old school methods for getting through the nuptials. Weddings simply don't follow the same rules of yesteryear anymore, and that's SO OKAY! Refreshing, actually.
The vital key to making it work, like wearing white like the bride, is to partner with a designer to ensure that everything looks spot-on, purposeful and free of any yikes moments that maybe you didn't think of in the process of planning it all.
Be smart. Be creative. Be completely you!
just don't over shadow the brides, it will be ok
Those dresses look like what napkins look like after you wet them and they dry all weird lol, but nothing wrong with this concept