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So I was looking through screenshots from the new Fire MV teaser and found this and just thought I'd share it
As you can see in the very top left corner there is graffiti writing that says (this is just a rough guess I could be wrong) Face of God. I'm wondering if it might be a hint at things to come. Either that or I am just a crazed ARMY that has been screwed over by Big Hit and their hints one to many times.
You tell me what you think Sorry if you didn't want to be tagged @Hawaii50h @yougotnojamz
I love that we all start analyzing the background of things cause we know how SNEAKY big hit is hahahahhhaha
@aliendestina I hope that if it does mean something it means that the next comeback is gonna be hardcore and lit af
@AngelaDarkness dude after that teaser of fire of course it will be XD
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