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So as you all know (because if you didn't, what rock are you living under?) BTS oppas are dropping their new music video in a few days. Why is this devistating news you ask? Besides the fact that my feels can only handle so much, the big problem is.... I'm going on vacation. Yes, it's terrible, sand and sun and all the luxuries a beautiful cruise can offer, ALMOST. NO WIFI BTS is gunna drop this video and I'm going to come back in a week and the fandom will be in disarray, theories will be thrown left and right, screenshots scattered across social media and my poor ARMYS dead at my feet. I will pray for you my fellow ARMYS but please DON'T DIE! Or at least dig me a grave next to yours for when I get back. 사랑해요!
@kpopandkimchi you are life
fighting :''''))))
you can survive this
omg my heart is with you