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JB will not be performing due to a spine injury I was so upset when I heard this it made me cry but I came up with the idea to let all you JB lovers know so that you make sure he is okay don't forget to show your love and send him lots of get well soon messages okay
Jackson even sent in his get well soon so follow in his footsteps and show JB you care and love him by wishing him to get well soon okay I hope you care for JB plz Annyeong and JB get well soon here's a bonus
here's some cute pics of JB for you now for my respects to JB. JB I really hope you gets better and I will be here supporting you all the way till the end all the way from Ohio I know this might not be enough to show I care but I really hope you get better not even for me for your members and the other fans okay love you. @RochelleRose @selfishmachines @Evieevelyn @EmilyPeacock @UKissMeKevin @kpopandkimchi Help me support JB plz
this is a bonus for JB I made it I hope it's okay thanks everyone who supports this #GetwellsoonJB #JB #bestleader Got7 Fighting!!!!!!!
@kpopandkimchi Thank you so much for showing your support. Got7 fighting!!!!!!
:( poor baby...RECOVER WELL JB!