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A fun little story time! Today I left work a bit early (some family issues) any way, get home and I can FINALLY watch the Fire teaser. I click on the Vapp video, plays the BigHit intro and my son screams. Like the most excited scream I've ever heard. He runs over, pulls my hands so he can see my phone and is jamming hardcore to the teaser. He's not even 2 I am a proud momma
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You've raised him well :3
I am like your 2 year old son when I hear the big hit intro lol. You've raised him well 👍😆
My little brother does this to bap and Exo and it's the cutest thing ever (we have a huge age gap- his first birthday is in two weeks and I'm about to turn 17)
Raising him right!!!!!!
And that is how parenting is done right!