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The entertainment company behind FT Island, AOA, CNBlue, and N.Flying just announced they'll be putting together a new boy group with the help of...

you guessed it...

a reality TV show.

This seems to be the trend and it really is hard for me to get used to.

Seeing trainees' dreams be crushed right in front of my eyes is rough, no matter how scripted the show is.

This is actually getting more and more common in Japan, specifically in the huge idol groups like the girls in Love Live (that suuupes popular anime)!

The fans get to choose how certain members look, their backstory (since they're related to an anime, the fans can choose their fiction characters!) and even concepts!

Do you like that fans have more say in the production of their idols, or does that ruin the magic and surprise?

What do you guys think of all these idol TV shows like Produce 101, WIN, and Sixteen?

Groups that were created from survival shows:

Monsta X
WINNER (well, they got to debut before iKon...)
A member of KARA
who did I miss....
It messes with the flow of idols. I've explained before to my friend that some idols lose the most important things JUST for their dreams. So placing them in front of a camera and crush their hard work and dedication.... That's like never giving them a chance at all. I would rather have them go into the company and perform in front of the CEO or managers, and see where it goes from there. It give them an opportunity to be heard from the most important people. The ones who make then an idol.
I don't believe that the fans get to choose who stays and who leaves. that always rubbed me the wrong way in American Idol and shows like that. Maybe suggesting different activities for the idols to do or showcase their talent, sure. I just feel that they should be able to debut because of their talent and reach their dreams.
After seeing so many American reality shows where peoples dreams are crushed I don't even know how to feel. I mean I have sympathy for the ones who don't make it and always have hope that they'll debut later on but I'm also happy for the ones who do make it. And sometimes that makes me feel bad? However, it's something I'm so used to seeing now so I don't mind them much.
To be honest, I hate these shows. I know they created a lot of my favorite groups, but it's just so sad. Watching WIN was a nightmare. I cried every time Winner was crush by comments saying that they weren't enough. Yeah they got to win but under a lot of pressure. Both Winner and iKon worked so hard and it was just so sad to see. It's cruel and humiliating.
@primodiva93 wow i vividly remember watching BIGBANG documentary where Seungri almost didn't make it to be a bb member. It's super sad. About the reality show itself, well it can be super cruel when you know they're talented but fame is not on their side when their position depends solely on the public's votes. I don't like that kind of reality shows. However I think it's fine to have a reality show to improve their skills and I am fine if the elimination was made by the professionals. or the public still have to vote but the percentage is divided with the marks from the judges. I'd watched WIN and MIX&MATCH and i have to admit it's hard to watch these IKON boys going through the same thing twice but at least we have chanwoo now.😁😁
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