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I don't believe that I cried so much for 2 characters who died. Sheele was my favorite character in Night Raid and I absolutely loved everything about her! She was cute, clumsy, Kind, Caring and also one of the most badass assassin's ever! She looked absolutely stunning without her glasses, She was the person that told Tatsumi that it was alright to cry and mourn over your loved ones. After she said that I couldn't help just loving Sheele. When she died I cried for almost a week.
At first I really couldn't say I liked Mine a whole lot! I know She was a freakin badass on the Battlefield, but her attitude towards some members in Night Raid set her off to me as rather the spoiled, bratty character that cares about noone, but herself. But later on in the show Her Tsun-Himedere personality really grew on me. She's really sweet and caring when you got past her "I'm better than You!" personality and man when she died in the arms of the man she loved My heart again Gave out and I couldn't take anymore. I didn't want her to leave she was actually one of the best characters in Akame Ga Kill!
I will never watch this anime again one time was enough for me
this is a good anime, I cried too
Might I recommend just putting the name of the anime in these cards? It showed up with the spoilers in the title so it doesn't do much good to have the spoilers tag on there. I'll agree though I loved Sheele and I was kinda in shock when she died. Still haven't revisited the series.