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Mark Going Blonder than Blond?!?

Hey guys!

So some recent pictures have surfaced showing or pretty boy mark with BLONDER (if that's even a word) HAIR!!! We all know mark for having dirty blond hair and looking super hot with it but he's taken it another step further and gone as we say "severely blond" into a more platinum blond hair color. 💕💕💕 I think he's totally rocking this new hair color and looks extremely adorable in it!
He's so incredibly good looking (being a bias or bias wrecker to much of our staff) we wish him and the rest of Got7 the best of luck in their upcoming tour!

Let us know what you think of this new hair change and any other hair colors you think he'd look great in!

There's that orange sweater again
he is soooooo good looking Omgee 👍👍😲👌👌❤❤
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