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Walk To The Future Chapter 4: Cheers!!

Extra: this chapter and next chapter happen at the same time frame.
Sneaking his items back into the Bangtan Dorm didn't go exactly as planned because Namjoon was up when Mark and Tae entered the house. After the leader was done raising hell on the two for about 30 minutes, Namjoon gave up seeing that Mark already had Brought his belongings with him. However not before smacking Taehyung upside the head, and afterward helped move Mark's stuff into the maknaes room. "Why is he staying in my room?""Well you were the one who decided to help him move early in the morning right? so he is your responsibility."
I just love how they are discussing me when i'm literally right here.
"Mark try not to get into too much trouble, i'll discuss with my manager later about you staying here for a while okay and Tae no bothering Mark to the the point where he will lose it and snap. That's all the leader says before leaving. "So since i don't share a room with Jungkook anymore you can have his old bed." Mark makes a face and V catches on to what he is thinking. "Don't worry we only had sex in my bed.""I didn't ask for the extra info Tae!""Your face said it all bro." By the time they are finished putting Marks stuff away, it's 7:20 am. Jimin enters the room and grabs Tae pulling him i the direction of the door "We have schedules Tae you can hang with him later, see ya later Mark, oh and make sure you steer clear of V's bed, it's lethal." "i already know, thanks for the advice though.""Maybe we can go for drinks later Mark, after ya know our schedules are done." With V saying that Mark is left in the door alone, with nothing to do but wallow in the silence. Which isn't bad because he definitely won't have any when Tae gets back.
BZZ.BZZ.Mark looks around to find the direction of the noise, probably being his cellphone no doubt. BZZ.BZZ. He turns to find his phone on Taehyungs, beds headboard, closest to the wall side and the only way to get to it is to touch Tae's mattress. Something he really, really doesn't want to do...imagining all the nasty things he and jungkook used to do on that thing.BZZ.BZZ.He could always boil his hand later.Mark positions himself to where none of his body has to make physical contact with Tae's bed , and he snatches his cellphone, then boost himself up. "Disgusting." BZZ.BZZ. Alright,Alright I'm coming. Mark swipes his phone open only to discover it isn't Tae who was texting him like he thought.
Suga 7:25am
Suga 7:26am
Suga 7:26am
Answer your damn phone!! I know you are by it.
Suga 7:27am
Are you serious, Now you are just ignoring me you asshole.
'Suga's temper it's the same as always isn't it', Mark thinks shaking his head.
Mark 7:27am
I wasn't ignoring you, my phone was on V's headboard, what do you what though.
Suga 7:28am
Ewww! You touched his bed.
Mark 7:28am
What do you want Yoongi?
Suga 7:29am
Hurtful Mark. How could you mistake me for him? Can't you tell it's me, Tae?
'obviously not' Mark thinks
Mark 7:29am
What do you want?
Suga 7:29am
We are all going out for drinks after practice and Yoongi and Namjoon wanted to know if you wanted to come?
Mark 7:29am
Suga 7:29am
Okay i invited you but make sure you dress up okay.
Suga 7:30am
gotta go practice is about to start
Suga 7:30am
i'll send you the address to the place later
Suga 7:30am
see ya later.
I didn't even say i was going or not, leave it to Tae to just jump to conclusions on his own. Mark plops down onto his new bed and finds that he is actually pretty tired, and he knows that Tae has to be tired as well. But 6:00pm comes pretty fast since he's spent most of his day sleeping. This is pretty new. The bar Mark looks up from the address Tae gives him seems to be pretty popular in the summer time. And Mark feels as if he needs a drink, like he deserves one. BZZ.BZZ.
Suga 6:45pm
Mark 6:45pm
Suga 6:45pm
are you on your way?
Mark 6:46pm
Um yeah, I'm just kinda lost , it's a long street
Suga 6:46pm
of course,I'll meet you, where are you at?
Suga 6:46pm
oh wait nevermind, i can see your hair from here >3<
Mark is ready to punch V but the he see's suga come into view and that last text starts making a little more sense. "You know you could've walked faster instead of me having to meet you all the way here." Suga really has a special gift of making me feel more like a crap pile than i already do. "Come on don't look at me like i've just kicked a puppy in the face." Suga grabs mark by the wrist and pulls him along toward the Bar until they are inside. "What drink do you want?""Where's everybody else?""I was the first one to arrive, the others will be here soon."Great so now i'm left alone with him, just perfect. "Mark?""Uh-yeah the blue one." Yoongi ask for the drinks and takes a swig of his, a purplish-yellow color. Weird."So what happened between you and Jackson?""it's nothing, it doesn't matter.""if it doesn't matter, then why are you here?""JB who else,he really knows how to make someone feel like they are inferior.""Well it's stupid, i think you should just go talk to jackson." Mark swigs his drink and lets the bitter taste surround his tastes buds. "Why do you even care?" Yoongi has a look on his face and something is in his eyes that Mark can't quite identify. "I don't."'Then why ask?" Yoongi has a look on his face again and this time its different but it's still unreadable and the younger is about to say something when his phone starts to ring. "Hello...What?...What do you mean?...Fine whatever...Bye." Yoongi sighs and motions for the bartender. "Give me the check please.""Wait where are you going?"The waiter delivers the check and Yoongi signs off on it while reaching for his coat."The others backed out because they are too tired from practice so i'm going home.""Wait!"Mark grabs Yoongi's hand and the younger stops moving. "I really need this, somebody's company i mean." Yoongi sighs and motions for the bartender again. "5 more 'Blue Shots' please."Yoongi looks at mark and sighs again."You're going to be quite the handful."Mark smiles and swallows the beautiful blue drink , However this time it taste a little bit sweeter.
"Why are you so heavy?I shouldn't have bought you all those drinks,now look at you!" Yoongi states exasperated. Yoongi maneuvers Mark down onto his bed since V said it would be too much of a hassle if Mark stayed in his own room for the night before shutting the door in Yoongi's face and locking it. He's gonna make sure he kills the brat later. However mark Yanks on his hand pulling him out of his thoughts. "Yoongi, do you know your blue hair reminds me of that beautiful drink i had earlier.""Yeah,Yeah whatever."Yoongi struggles to get his hand free from the oldest grasp but he yanks him down roughly so he lands next to him. "What the hell do you think you are doing? let go.""That look in your eye earlier....what was it?" Yoongi is taken a back by Marks question but he knows just what the older is talking about. "I don't know what you mean.""liar.""Just like how you lied to Jackson." Mark pushes Yoongi away and turns away from him on the bed. "It's none of your business.""I know but at least i care, at least i was asking questions in order for you to vent!"Mark really doesn't need yoongi to yell at him either. "I didn't ask you to!So why don't you just go and act like you don't care like everybody else!""Because i like you dumbass, and maybe instead of moping over Jackson, I could help you move on." It's silent for a few minutes and Mark doesn't know if it's the alcohol in his system but he sits up and stares at Yoongi only to kiss him a few seconds later, and Yoongi...Min Yoongi actually returns his kiss. It's sloppy,drunkened, and wet but its enough for Mark at that moment. Yoongi pushing him back onto the bed,Marks hands entangling in his hair,and Yoongi's hands gliding artistically over Marks body. Losing themselves in the pleasure, Mark doesn't think about Jackson once. The only thing that his mind is wrapped around in that moment is yoongi, releasing hot and sensual breaths in his ear, clinging to his body like his life depends on it, and the words of endearment yoongi is gasping into his ear. And it is this moment after they both relax Yoongi falling asleep on Marks chest, that he realizes he regrets nothing.
and maybe.....
Just maybe....
Try this out with Yoongi.
Okay so i know i said in the previous Chapter that i was gonna add some Tark....Markv...MarkxTae