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My roommate and I are together pretty much 24/7. We live together, work together, hang out with each other on weekends.

But if we were handcuffed together? I'm pretty sure we'd be preeeetty pissy near the end XD

One married couple decided to be handcuffed for 24 hours one Saturday since they 'spend all day together any way"

Well, one hour in it was going alright:

"So far it feels just like holding hands...but a little more awkward."

But then they realized they couldn't actually do anything while they were attached.

You can check out how it all unfolds below:

They were able to separate for emergency situations such as:

- Taking off their clothes
- Pooping (valid)
- and driving.

So, do you think your partner or best friend could do it!?

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A friend and I actually did this for a con one time as a costume. It went alright until he felt the need to get a Big Chug 😑
Yeah, We'd totally be able to haha It'd be really fun XD Can we use the kinky pink, fluffy ones? We'd probably just lay around and eat junk food and watch movies all day. If we needed to go somewhere, I'd just pick her up and carry her and she couldn't do a damn thing about it lol She'd probably be the one to give up, in all honesty. Unless I kept my mouth shut. Which, let's face it, probably won't happen. But a nice lazy day with her does sound pretty great. I'll see if I can convince her to play along and then tell you how it goes haha Or I'll just surprise trap her. Hm. Decisions, decisions lol
Well, I know my best friend and I can do it, but in the other hand with my partner it depends. Since I'm single for long years I can tell that my partner may need its space at certain time. Also she may have a phobia with out knowing that being super duper together is too much than a Lil bit of distance like few feet away, not a lot tho.
probably not with my best friend XD being that I'd get annoyed after 30 minutes but hey maybe not maybe it would be fun I'm going to try this *^* And hopefully not start trying to break the handcuffs after 30 minutes