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Is 2016 the new 90s? Recently, I shared about the high neck trend that is becoming a wave in fashion. So, here is another trend that has been popular among the celebrities.
The choker.
I remember the 90s chocker is made of plastic but currently they come in different material, color and style. I personally think choker adds some glam to your outfit without overdoing it. Some design like the gold leaf choker above is made for comfortable and versatility. You can wear it both for work and play. Another one of my favorite is the double suede choker which looks gorgeous with a LBD.
What do you think about this? Would you ever wear a choker?
I wouldn't wear it since it's not my style. some girls can pull it off , but some just... no. no. no
I love her hat...mine has been missing for weeks
I don't see anything wrong with it.
Yes I'd wear a choker necklace. I used to back in the 90s and I'm really glad their back. ^_^
I want that girls haiirrrr
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