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Soooo... do I have a story, I was shopping at Walmart with my mom when all of a sudden, when my mom told to me to get some milk. A f*cking tall a** Korean boy that looked about 18 years walked towards me and very sheepishly asked where he could find eggs, fortunately for me, it was only to 2 ft away from us and I stood frozen. I was trembling! I pointed it and he said in his damn gentle deep voice "thank you" I could hear his accent. After he left all I think of was why the hell his he in Houston?!?!? People are rude here! So, I wanted to know if he indeed spoke Korean so I kinda threw the milk into my moms cart and saw him at the checkout line with a friend of his. I can't lie when I tell you this, I RAN to him, but I secretly when behind some line and heard him talking. HE SPOKE KOREAN!! DEAR LORD OMFG!!! ( hence the title .... I sound like a KOREABOO but to be honest this was was like my first two months into K-pop .... and now I cringe to my just ignorant self

When korean boys start taking over the world.
Lucky i don't see any cute guys where i live but good thing LA IS ONLY 2 HOURS AWAY
@esmeraldagutirr Have fun whenever you go! Buy many things as you can!
@KpopGaby oh I bet, YASSS
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