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so we all know leader Jb had to skip out from events since wednesday after being taken to hospital due to spine disk porblems... how did that affect the group and everything around him?
the bad news? After JYP promised refunds for the misfortune, some fans have taken it to hands and actually have given back their tickets.. some were unpayed for and returned since today is the 1st concert.
I've been looking at these tickets for weeks after they went on sale because the traffic was so high I could not get one ( or I was too picky) so I have been checking every week, I checked yesterday and there was not 1 there. this morning? 19 tickets open for friday and 9 open for saturday show.
Those are some die hard Jaebum fans right there! but I can't help but think what kind of Got7 fans are they then? Got7 already celebrated the concert being sold out and yet here it is, JB gets sick and people just won't go? however! this gave me a good chance!

I'm going to see Got6 y'all!!! *hehe don't kill me * JB will be missed so much! but I have been trying to get tickets forever and now I can finally go!!!! (want to pre-order the lightstick? let me know)

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@KellyOConnor ok! ill give you a text later, I'm almost at the venue now.
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@Ticasensei awesome! can I actually get two if you can?
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congrats you are so lucky!
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@jes3ray thank you! not so much, I thought floor seats were awesome but it was pretty bad experience lol
2 years ago·Reply
@KellyOConnor ill let you know, they were selling limited amount =(
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