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When Your Pet Stares At Nothing

You know what's creepier than ghosts? The fact that your pets could possibly have their very own imaginary friends that are just as creepy (or even creepier!) than Quincy's up here.

I may never look at my dog the same way again.

Ya, and then dies the same thing when there are none around.
@Darkbeauty813 Bahahaha I just pictured you trying to battle an invisible monster for your pet.
@danidee but if anything were to happen to him or harm him in any way shape or form this cat momma would be going ballistic and there will be hell to pay on my life no joke
@danidee he's a cat sweetest thing alive and the biggest BABY ever I swear he is such a sweetheart tho he is most of the time a complete butthole he tried to drink my water then gets his head stuck in the glass and when he gets it unstuck he knocks it off the table I've had full glasses of juice and he looks straight at me and before I can say "DAMNIT Axel" it's all over the place
OMG I think the same thing when my cat is staring wierdly at nothing I wonder if there is a ghost or something lol because in movies and stuff they say the animals sense it 😱
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