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ARMY needs to be more prepared than ever these boys might surprise us with even more than we thought! I was simply eating a bowl of cereal and I get a notification and its the teaser and I'm just scrolling through twitter and I get surprised with videos on their Twitter and OMG! I had panicked all day! And now here I am writing this post still panicking! I NEED A SHIELD FOR ALL THE FEELS THAT WILL HIT ME! These boys are so amazing, but their surprising game lately is very strong! I found out the new song is "Fire" and will be released May 2nd?! Next week?! ALREADY?! OMG! Ahhh and the boys look so sexy in the teaser! If the teaser is already killing us imagine what the MV will do...Oh no!

I am starting to tag people on my post if you want to be tagged please please notify me! Thank you for your time! If you want to be removed from tags please please also tell me!

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@ShailaZaman of course i will tag you ^•^
@AnimeKpopFreak shits shits real.mostly if u lose ur composure in front of ur crush XD
the struggle of a fangirl XD
yas yas lmfao now excuse me while I go spazz in 4th hr ewe