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Hi everyone. Final day of the FTG prompt. First off, let me say how much I've enjoyed doing this with you all. I don't think, as pretty as my words can be, I am equipped at this time to express just how much growing and sharing with you all has meant to me. I am somewhat melancholy, at this ending of this challenge. I know there will be others, I know we will keep getting to know each other and express ourselves but still I'm a bit sad. I've also been watching Fairy Tail again and it's just, touching my heart so I'm somber and I started a new job so I'm exhausted from just the stress so it's an odd feeling I have and I don't currently have the capacity to deal with them like I normally do. I wanted to go all out on this card, you guys who have gotten to know me know I'm long winded and I wanted to really get into the depths of my love for this show but again, I just can't do it as well as I would normally so I'm going to keep it kind of short. I also want to get back to watching so call me selfish but, something I've learned while doing this with all of you is I still have a lot to learn, I'm still a long way back in the Fairyverse, and so a lot of the things I thought I knew I've been shown the error of my thinking, and anytime I think I have this show figured out it blows me away. I get so angry and filled with hate at all the clichés, the fanservice, the seemingly sexist overt sexualization of the girls, the got damn annoying immaturity of a lot of the characters who can't ever just say how they truly feel and so on, but how through the hate, there are these just, beyond beautiful moments that touch me like no show, anime, western, movie, you name it, like so few things ever have, that make me feel in ways I never thought possible. Fairy Tail has made me cry more times than I believe any one show ever has, it fills me with this, love and desire to express and this empathy that I thought only reserved for other humans, but what Fairy Tail makes me feel is more real than anything I've ever known in life. It's that roller coaster of ups and downs, that frustratingly beautiful mixture of stupid humor and beautiful expressions of love and friendship that is the most true reason why I love this show. It's shown me love I've only known for another, it makes me believe in people I've never met, it makes me believe in a world that might be pure fantasy but it's real to me. I love Fairy Tail for its deep and complex well rounded characters that lose and fail and have flaws but fight with all there hearts to be better, stronger, but ultimately to protect the people they love the most. I love it's stories, the way things happen to these people and the things they all have to do to overcome them, I love the tears and the magic, both the ones they possess as power but the magic in all of their hearts. I love the music and the colorful vibrant world brought to life through the imaginations of the creators and my own and all of us that make it our homes. I love you guys, that love it, that I've never met but share this beautiful world with me and support each other without even seeing each other with eyes. We see with our hearts, just like the people in Fairy Tail and the people that have created it. I've found some quotes in the top images, made me tear up just thinking about it all. About writing all this. about it being over, the FTG, about Fairy Tail being a world I'll never be able to be a part of in life, in spirit and heart and soul but it breaks me knowing I'll never know them or them me with a touch or a wave or a story. They'll just be in my heart. Kind of like all of you. Ah see what I've gone and done now. Rambled on and done exposed a deep truth. I have some more images below, of just touching moments that turn my heart into mush. In a good way though, I love to cry, and anything that can make me cry is a beatufiul thing. I love this show simply, because it's beautiful.
What Lucy went through with losing Jude and Layla, it gets me so deep ever time Lucy cries I cry..Jellal's and Erza's moment in 154, that really got to me too. I kinda might have forgiven Jellal a little bit. He's suffering really bad and I just..don't know if I can hate him anymore. which is confusing because I thought I did. Another thing I love, I just can't figure this show out, they make me hate they make me love, it's because of Fairy Tail I know what "feels" is. A pain the feels so good to let out. Heaven in Hell on Earth.
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I heart you too! Nice card! I feel the same way. It has an amazing plotline that can give anyone courage. c: Fairy Tail is the anime that has by far made me cry the most. I cry every arc pretty much c'x It's just so touching. I don't like being on hiatus for a year! Has it really only been one month? I want Fairy Tail back already XD (Might just go on strike XD)
@tylor619cruz lol yeah I wanted to show the relation between the huge difference in emotion that I do hate it sometimes but I love it more and always come back to forgiving the writers for the clichés. @OtakuDemon10 I'm glad I could move you I could've spoke more precise but I did alright being in the mood I was thank you ;) @NikolasSatterwh awh thanks man. Glad I could touch a chord and speak words you've felt but have trouble saying
Beautifully expressed. Almost exactly how I feel except there's no way I could say it like this
That almost made me cry! Beautifully said, as always!
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