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Photographer Ari Seth Cohen has spent a good part of his career in pursuit of the world's most fashionable senior citizens.

The results can be seen in his charming series 'Advanced Style: Older & Wiser'. (Personally, I would have called it something like 'Watch These Old People Throw Out Their Hip. Emphasis On Hip.' This is probably why I wasn't invited to collaborate on the project.)

The faces behind the styles are from all world, representing countries from Italy and Sweden to Australia and South Africa.

The series features both women AND men - all 60+ years of age and making you want to let out a 'YASSS! WERK!'

Who said blue hair was just for mall goths and punk kids?

My favorite thing about WERK! SANTA! QUEEN! is how he poses with his hands on his hips. That's a straight up editorial move.

Black-and-white everything with a pop of color. So #goals.

I hope she lets her granddaughters raid her shoe collection because DAMN, those are sweet kicks.

This woman just oozes so much personality. Check out that hat!

This entire look is so incredibly bold and stunning. Those lace gloves are slaying right now.

Where was this shirt when I was celebrating my 30th birthday?

So which one wins 'Best Dressed' in YOUR eyes? Do you have any stylish seniors in your life?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more from Cohen's collection, check out his official blog here.
why does everyone keep raising the bar. I can't get old, and die? No I have to look good, get old, and die
totally going to be me when I'm old
@buddyesd Me too. I want a pimp beard too.
@nicocoup LOL I was thinking the same thing.
@JamiMilsap You can't hang with a well-accessorized grandpa?
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