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This card is on the 2 season anime, Fate Zero. If u are in the process of watching it or plan to watch, please leave and come back later. Anyway...y'all ready!?
In this show Irisviel Von Eizenbern is the ideal heroine. She's smart, helpful, selfless, and beautiful. In other words she is love, she is life. Well erm...she's actually dead but u know *shrug*
All throughout the show, Irisviel knew that as a homunculus that carried the holy grail, she would have to die in order for a victor to emerge. The winner of the Grail War was supposed to be her husband, Kiritsugu, however things did not go as at all.
Her passing(s) were unfortunate and undeserved. However they did bring out another side of her, one that's less attractive yet extremely attractive!
Irisviel was a rather powerful 'magician'. She was only murdered in a time of weakness!
-bonus- Iri also got a figma in her honor!