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"Are you okay?"


Be honest. Who do YOU know who acts like this when they're mad?
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@danidee it's a nice one two, can bounce quarters off of it
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@danidee @xgnsouls eh he just gets upset easily, and I'm not very good at knowing how to help, so I'll try but end up with a slightly sadder version of the other cat's face. But it's completely a-ok. We've only been dating almost 8 months and in the time to come I'll get better and better at helping him u v u <3
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@TwyStar @xgnsouls16 <-- I didn't know there were numbers xc
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I act like that when I'm mad xD I seem all calm and crap but once you say one thing about what pissed me off I want to scream at you. Or if I'm pissed at the person, they could say hi and I'd be like that. But if you seriously piss me off, I'm silent and calm, and THAT folks is when you should be scared xD
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that's how I act lol
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