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When she closed the door the flowers moved to the side revealing a slight smile from a silver haired man.
“Where are the others?”
“You’re not supposed to know but they are out getting things prepared for a congratulations dinner. I told your manager he could go ahead and go home since this is the last thing on your schedule today.”
“Does that mean I get to be chauffeured by the great Yoongi today?” He let out a laugh while holding his finger up to his lips. He never liked when she called him by his real name in public. They were only supposed to be colleagues but with the amount of time they had spent together making her albums it had given them plenty of time to get closer.
“Well I’m starving~! The nerves of being on stage always make me so hungry.” She took the flowers from him before gathering her things. Waiting by the door she could feel him watching her move around the room. If any other male had been doing it she would have been incredibly uncomfortable but with him she was always at ease.
“All ready.” She bounced over to him stopping before opening the door. Putting on a professional face she opened the door walking out to the car garage. Yoongi was walking a few paces behind her making sure no one would say anything. They kept quiet till they were a few miles out from the studio.
“Man I really hate that we have to be that way.” She pouted looking at him from where she had been staring out the window.
“I know but you already have enough problem from the media because you always have the lower half of your face covered.” She just sat back in her seat crossing her arms over her chest. She understood why the company put that into her contract but some days it was annoying. Not to mention it made eating in public almost impossible.
“Hey no pouting you won today. If I bring you back like this the guys will beat me up. You wouldn’t want that would you.”
“No because I know they really would go in on you hard.” She could not help but laugh at the mental image of the last time it happened.
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