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On April 27, there was a special Show Champion episode filmed outside in Ulsan, Korea.

It happened to rain a TON that day, but because of schedules, the idols still had to perform. This resulted in a LOT of falling and quite a few injuries.

I don't necessarily have a solution to the problem of idols performing on wet stages, but I just wish it didn't happen :(

At 3:30 a member of HISTORY breaks his finger :( They were JUST about to finish the song without a single fall :(((((

VIXX is slipping all over the place cause they're dancing a high-energy Dynamite.

Watch Ravi fall at 0:52 and catch himself with his wrist :( He was wearing a brace the next day but fan accounts said that he was totally okay at least!

KNK had a slower dance, but the had multiple members fall starting at 0:50 :(

LABOUM's member falls really hard at the 1:00 mark :/ She got up but her knee is probably really messed up.

NCT U changed their dance a bit so that they were safer (less jumping) but you can REALLY see how wet the stage was in this video.

ASTRO had a few falls (starting at 0:37) but they seemed to be able to catch themselves safely without injury.

Snuper survives with only a few slips (no falls) but LOOK AT THE PUDDLE THE MAN HAS TO CLEAN IN THE BEGINNING.

Hyosung and her dancers performed BAREFOOT.

Cosmic Girls fall from the very start again and again and again :(

SEVENTEEN are so ridiculous. They're clearly LOVING the dramatic element it gives their stage LOL. They're trying to kick up the water as much as possible.

Hoshi falls at 1:09 but the members immediately help him and he's cracking up so I guess they were all okay!

Here's to hoping everyone a speedy recovery!

I seriously don't like it when they perform under these conditions it's DANGEROUS AND THEY GET BADLY INJURED!! I've seen to many idols get hurt over something that could easily be prevented, like how hard it is to wipe off the stage? or modifying the dance or CHECKING THE FUXKING WEATHER AHEAD OF TIME!! ugh sorry didny mean to cuss but I habe to vent because these poor babies get hurt when they didn't have to 😢
it was Jaeho from history who fell and broke is finger :(
how about putting up something to block the stage from getting WET?! it's not that hard to do. it's called TARP.
The member from History's fall just about killed me. It looked so painful.
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