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NamjoonxReader "RUN, RUN, RUN!!" You laughed/screamed as you and Namjoon ran down the halls of an old school, looking for a hiding place. You were both being chased by a security guard that had caught the two of you exploring the run down building. The both of you together were such trouble makers, 'the dynamic duo' is what your group would call you two. You guys would do everything together, being that you have been best friends since middle school, and there was nothing that could stop the combined fearless and adventure seeking personalities of 'the dynamic duo'. "AHAHAH HURRY!! Turn to your left!" Namjoon yelled as the two of you ran, loving the thrill of doing something you weren't supposed to. Both of you took a sharp left turn and saw one of the class room doors slightly opened. "There!" You yelled a little quieter so the security guard couldn't hear you, even though you guys left him behind a while back. Both of you ran into the class room and closed the door the rest of the way as quiet as possible as to not give up you guy's hiding spot. Namjoon stood right next to the door, you stood right in front of him, trying your hardest not to breath heavily due to the running, waiting for the guard to pass the class room. A minute passed and you guys heard the guard cuss out at the two of you and stomp back to his original post. "AHAHAH oh my god!! That was so close!" The both of you laugh at that heart pumping adrenaline rush you had just experienced. Both of you were now catching your breath from all the running, you two still standing one in front of the other. Namjoon held out his hand for a high five *CLAP* When you high fived he held onto your hand and put his other arm around you. "Hahaha what are you doing?" You asked as you laughed off the unusual situation, he looks into your eyes and smiles, then all of a sudden he pulls you in closer and kisses you.
Admin: NEW STORY!! Tell me what you think so far! Later on in the story there will be a lot of angst.. A LOT. Just warning you now~ ahh writing about my bias like this isn't healthy lol Tell me if you want more in the comments! Okay, bye bye~ ;) Tags~ @CrystalGuerra @MariaMontoya1 @Orihemay @tiffany1922 @EmmaJolie @IsoldaPazo Let me know if you want to be added or removed ^_^
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