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NOTE: Both aet of lips are wearing the same lipstick! I'm the only light skinned in my family(the palest to be specific lol) . Everyone else is pretty brown or often confused for African American because we are from Honduras so our family is pretty dark. However, it makes me laugh when they ask to borrow the lipstick I'm wearing and end up pissed the color doesn't look the same on them & I on the othrf hand can try wearing their light lipsticks and it will look extremely dark on me.This is why we should always seek to try them on. One thing I love about colourpop is they now have the color swatches on different skins. . Have you ever had a problem because of this ??? @jordanhamilton @AlloBaber @tessStevens @hikaymm
this is so accurate! I've noticed this before
Yeah I have. And it's why it's important to try them or know what lipstick shades suit your skin tone.