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Summer Knights by the very promising 18-year-old is out! The mixtape marks the rookie hip-hop artist's 5th in one year, and has been gaining a lot of hype. He's a member of Pro Era, the hip-hop collective, alongside CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, Dirty Sanchez, Dyemond Lewis, and more. They will be going on tour with Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, B.oB, Trinidad James$ starting mid-July. Check out the Under The Influence of Music tourdates here: http://theproera.com/tour/ His debut album is due in 2014. Theproera.com self-released the mixtape, and you can download it here: http://livemixtap.es/summerknights Let me know what you guys think!! Do you think the youngster is over-hyped?
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