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For those who don't know, I'm a little Starbucks obsessed.

I worked there for years, and I still collect the city mugs. I can tell you which coffee is the darkest roast and which iced drink comes with the most caffeine. I can tell you which pastry has the fewest calories and which drinks some countries have that others don't.
So, naturally, when I found out today that a Starbucks emoji keyboard came out, like, FIVE DAYS AGO, I'm just like, "Whoa, what?! Where WAS I?!"

If you like emojis and/or caffeine, you NEED to see these!!!

First, there's the barista emoji, who is slightly out of dress code for a food service job, but hey, who am I to judge some pixels?

Then there's Frappuccinos of the bottled and unbottled variety - because who actually goes there for coffee anymore?

The Starbucks storefront emoji. You know, just in case anyone you're texting hasn't seen one before.

And then my personal favorite... THE UNICORN DRINKING AN ICED MOCHA?!

Those emojis are just a few of several available on the Starbucks emoji keyboard, which you can download for free by searching for 'Starbucks keyboard' in your app store.

If you're a coffeeholic, which emoji do you think Starbucks could have added? If not, which company do you think should make their own emojis next?

I'd be down for a Taco Bell emoji keyboard TBH. (Chalupas for everybody!!!)
@TessStevens Right?? It kind of peaks at the unicorn though.