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"Look at me Youngjae" Phenomenal Fridays (19+)

“Coco, sit. No, Coco, sit. Coco, please sit! Yay! Good girl! Here’s a treat.”
You watched with a grimace as Youngjae talked to his 3DS, cooing and loving the virtual dog that consumed your boyfriend’s life. Originally, he wanted a real dog, a dog that wouldn’t affect his allergies and would be fun to play with while you were hanging out with your friends, but the apartment you lived in didn’t allow pets, and you weren’t about to cut your lease for a sudden fantasy Youngjae had. Wondering how you could help Youngjae through his disappointment, you realized you could buy him a video game since he used to play them a lot when you two first started going out. Nintendogs immediately crossed your mind, so you bought it for him as a joke. Little did you know how invested he’d get into the game.
“Good girl!” Youngjae squealed, using the stylus to pet the dog’s long white hair. “You are so soft little Coco. Such a sweet little puppy.”
Tired of hearing him adore a virtual creature more than you, you stomped your foot down on the carpet, trying to get his attention. “Youngjae!” you snapped.
Youngjae gasped, and you thought it was in response to you, but then he cooed, “Aww! Did you just roll over? Look at that little belly! Look at that little belly!”
You grinded your teeth as your hands curled into fists. You had enough of Youngjae’s obsession, and you were going to stop it. You tried covering his eyes with your hands, but he just swatted you away. You tried pulling his hair annoyingly so he’d at least turn around and snap at you, but he didn’t seem to notice. You even tried messing with Youngjae’s commands by yelling at the 3DS yourself, but he smoothly silenced you with a kiss.
At that moment, you got a bright idea.
Smirking devilishly, you sauntered around the couch, standing right before Youngjae. His eyes were still glued to the screen, but you knew how you could get his attention. With a loud, seductive hum, you crossed your arms and grabbed the hem of your shirt, slowly lifting it above your head. You glanced at Youngjae to see if he noticed, but he was still too absorbed in his game. Determined, you turned around and pulled down your pants, bending over exaggeratedly and moaning so he’d get a nice view of your backside, but once again, he wasn’t paying attention.
Huffing, you unclasped your bra and removed your undies and tossed them right onto his face, one bra strap hooking around his ear and your panties landing softly on his head, but his gaze still didn’t budge from the screen. Screaming internally, you realized you would have to be drastic if you wanted Youngjae to forget about his stupid virtual dog.
Getting on your hands and knees, you crawled up to Youngjae and gently parted his legs. Then, you positioned yourself between them so your knees were at the foot of the couch. Biting your lip, you glanced up at Youngjae as you carefully pulled down his black gym shorts, noting he wasn’t wearing boxers underneath. With a smirk, you wrapped your hand around his flaccid member, moving the skin back and forth slowly as you felt it harden under your touch.
Although Youngjae wasn’t looking at you, his expression certainly changed. His eyes widened and he tucked his lips into his mouth, but he tried ignoring the sensation he was feeling; he was taking care of Coco, and he wouldn’t let his growing boner distract him from that.
You patted yourself on your back for your minor victory, but the conquest wasn’t over yet. Once Youngjae hardened a little more, you leaned your head forward and gave his shaft a long, teasing lick from the base to the tip, making his knees involuntarily clamp around your sides. You chuckled against his member, using the vibrations to make Youngjae even harder. From another angle, you licked up his shaft again. You continued to do this until he was fully erect, pumping him slowly to make him squirm uncomfortably in his seat. Once you thought his member was ready, you took it in your mouth, your tongue languidly swirling around the tip until you tasted the familiar saltiness of his precum.
“Y/n,” Youngjae whined, finally breaking his gaze from the screen to look at you. “What are you doing?”
You hummed and took him deeper into your mouth, making him flex his thighs around you. Slowly, you started pumping his base, bobbing your head up and down.
“God, y/n,” Youngjae groaned, finally setting his 3DS beside him on the couch and leaning his head back. The panties fell off, but your bra was still hooked on his ear, making you giggle. Youngjae groaned again at the vibrations and squeezed his eyes shut, his face contorting with the pleasure you were giving him. “Y/n,” he whined again pathetically.
His little mewls of desire drove you forward. You hollowed your cheeks and deep throated him, eliciting grunts and groans and all the sexy noises you loved hearing from him. You could sense that his release was near, so you started pumping your hand faster, but Youngjae quickly reached forward and stopped you.
“Y/n, wait!” he cried, breathing heavily. Slowly, you pulled your mouth off him with a pop, smirking at Youngjae with dark, hooded eyes. Panting, Youngjae pulled you up onto his lap, his eyes widening once he realized you were completely naked.
“What?” you teased, resting your hands on his shoulders and rolling your womanhood against his member. “You haven’t seen a naked woman in a while?”
“Y-y/n,” Youngjae stuttered, his body stiff with nervousness.
You leaned forward and pressed your breasts against him, shifting your hips slightly and eliciting a deep groan from him. “You know, I can be a lot more fun than your video game if you give me the chance,” you whispered against his ear, finally tossing the bra off it.
Youngjae involuntarily bucked his hips and gulped, making you squeak with the sudden contact you felt against your core. Even though Youngjae hadn’t really touched you yet, you were already soaking wet from all his moaning.
“I should tease you more for ignoring me this whole week,” you continued. You gently nibbled on the shell of his ear, feeling him shiver underneath you.
“I’m sorry, y/n,” Youngjae whimpered. “I’ll break my game and-“
You giggled and placed a warm kiss on his lips, silencing him. “Let’s just not worry about that for now.” Rising, you shifted so Youngjae’s tip was poking at your entrance. Youngjae watched what you were doing intently, hoping you would finally stop teasing and give his body what it needed. Biting your lip, you slowly sank on top of him, feeling his member stretch your insides.
“Thank god,” Youngjae groaned, leaning his head back. You chuckled at your cute and needy boyfriend and moved back and forth, watching his lips twist in pleasure. He moaned your name and placed his hands on your backside, but he didn’t try urging you faster; he just needed something to hold on to as your rocking hips sent him over the edge.
Desiring more friction yourself, you picked up your pace, squeezing your eyes shut and biting your lip as you angled Youngjae’s member to hit you right where you wanted it. Gasping, you gripped Youngjae’s shoulders tightly, listening to his heavy breathing and moaning as you pushed for euphoria.
“Y-y/n,” Youngjae mumbled. Suddenly, he released, making you go into overdrive. You thrusted quickly while he spilled the last of his seed into you, orgasming just in time. Panting, you pulled off Youngjae and collapsed onto the other side of the couch, grimacing when you felt his 3DS digging into your back.
Youngjae frowned at you apologetically, his chest heaving up and down. “Sorry,” he muttered, but you just laughed.
“It’s all good.” You got up and ruffled his hair. “Come on. Let’s go get cleaned up so we can get something to eat.”
Youngjae smiled brightly at you and followed you off the couch. Chuckling, you returned the smile, glad to finally have your little ray of sunshine back.


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