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Let's go out of here with a big ol' bang!
Today is the final day of the Fairy Tail Giveaway, and the final question is making me a little teary (I cry easily, lol).

The question: share why you love Fairy Tail!

Remember to tag @ThatPerson512, and if you have any questions, message one of us:
The Titania: @AimeBolanos
The Salamander: @tylor619cruz
The Rookie: @hikaymm

So, why do I love Fairy Tail?

I've sort of written about this once before, but let me talk about it again.


My favorite part of Fairy Tail is all the really lovely friendships that exist. While there are hints of actual romance, most relationships in the show are incredibly strong bonds formed through FRIENDSHIP not through romance or silly events.
The way the guild sticks together through thick & thin is so inspiring, and it always reminds me that one of the most valuable parts of life is to have strong bonds. While we may not all have as many people in our lives as the FTG members do, every bond is important and should be cherished. Fairy Tail reminds us of this!


Action in anime isn't a requirement for me to enjoy something. Not by a long shot! But I found that the style of action & the way action is built up in Fairy Tail is just so appealing! I'm not one to want to watch 3 or 4 episodes of just battle scenes in a row....or so I thought! But then I realized that the way action is built up in Fairy Tail is so enjoyable that it didn't really bother me. And that's part of why I love this show!


You GUYS!!! DuhhH!!! I would have never watched this show if so many people hadn't urged me to do so, and for that I want to say THANK YOU! You guys...I've had so much fun making these cards & reading your and just talking about Fairy Tail together. Let's keep it up <3 <3
Good luck to everyone, and I hope you have a great day!!!
@hikaymm when are they saying winners or did they already
I love fairy tail and this cute community