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Chicago Bears' Quarterback Jay Cutler seems to have forgotten where he is..
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@johnlee hahaha I am a huge Vikings fan... Ever since the Culpepper, Cris Carter, and Moss days
wow why is that zebra laughin bout........hah
@thana15 I think he was impressed by how fast Cutler's reflexes were haha. That was a nice behind the back catch! @Goyo Ahhh I see I see. Yeah I liked the Vikings until Favre threw that miracle TD pass against the 49ers that one season. I love AP though, that guy is a beast. It must hurt that you guys lost Percy, but at least you kind of replaced him with Jennings.
He's such a dunce. LOL The ref's face though was great!^^
@Saravy Cutler does have that sleepy look to him haha.