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@LuffyNewman holy cow 1300. why just why. Yeah used is defiantly way cheaper at times. I get half and half most of the time new and used. I have a wall dedicated to manga and anime. Yeah I am a current college student. loans are a looming. Haha so far I haven't had to take any out. my truck sucks all of the gas and rent so far is still decent.
@CloeySuess haha same Her I have a door with a huge OP wall scroll. A well Of Bookshelf full of my manga and the my headboard above it and around it filled with OP posters!! And yeah I had a lot of $ from Military to blow so I decided to buy a buncha manga and box sets lol. Needless to say I've only read like 1/3 of those I bought almost all at once. Own almost all of Bleach, OP, and naruto and FMA and only read 1/3 of FMA, just under half of OP and 1/8 of bleach and haven't even touched naruto but I have read most if not all of the other 13-15 manga I own lol. So I'm doing ok I guess haha. I'm an impulsive manga buyer I got To store to buy one n then next thing I'm checking out n my Total is like $100-$200 haha
@LuffyNewman same my room mate gets pissed. when Amazon boxes come. 90%of the time it's manga. really you were in the military what branch. I love FMA it's my got to besides Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2.
Army and met a lot of manga and anime lovers honestly. FMA the manga original by Hiromu Arakawa is the bomb!! I grew up on Inuyasha in the later 90'sas well as yu yu and so many others my buddy was Japanese so I saw everything when I was at the pentagon with my dad when he was stationed there n we would watch so much anime haha
@LuffyNewman that's awsome. thanks for your service. yu yu. o man it's been forever since I saw that show. my friend that got me hooked was some one I was on a swim team with. she would lend me manga and we would watch the anime after each volume. it was really fun ever since then I have been around and within the last 3 years have started my collection.