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While everyone has their own love story, there's something special about President Barack Obama and Michelle's story. A man who literally came from nothing and a woman who saw everything in that man, it's a rarity. These days if most people don't see it in you right away, they won't even consider giving you a chance. When a woman has the ability to see something in you that you can't even begin to see in yourself, now that's what you call love.
It was only a matter of time before the big screen put together a film that would change the way people saw relationships forever. Whether you're single, in a relationship or married this film is going to be one worth watching. 'Southside With You' is a film about faith, love and strength. The trailer looks way too good to be true. If you're not anticipating anything at the present moment, keep scrolling and check out the trailer below. I promise you, the anticipation is beyond real.

Would you go see this film?

What's your favorite film about love?
@danidee he's legendary
after inauguration
Wait, wait, when does it come out?
I'm feeling xtra punny today
haha, you are really throwing out the puns left and right today @YourConscience
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