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I officially gave in.

Myself and @Arellano1052 have been going back and forth for the past two days trying to decide who would create this card first. I caved and finally beat him to it. After posting a very moving card earlier this week, there was a question that prosed a lot of thought and I figured it was a great question that everyone should be given the opportunity to answer.
We often focus so much on the past that we don't give ourselves time to enjoy the present moment. Trust me, I have been there on several occasions -- but sometimes looking back on the past has the ability of helping your current situation. For example, a mistake you made ten years ago, a few encouraging words could prevent you from making the same mistake again. With that being said, the question of the day is as followed:

If you could tell you younger self only two words, what would they be?

Leave a comment with no more than two words below.
I'll make that, "when I was a teenager" instead of "10 years ago", but anyway the two words are: "Love yourself"
Be confident, that's what I'd tell my younger self
I'd probably tell myself, "It's okay" because everyone went through the "bullying" stage and throughout my more younger days (I'm only 19), I was very shy and never wanted to do anything or express myself or take risks or say the things I wanted to say so, now that I'm older I wish I would have said a lot more things, taken more risks, done more things and said more things no matter how ridiculous it was. That way, me telling myself that "it's okay" would help me realize that at the end of the day, everything will be okay and it's okay to be weird, not fit in, express yourself, be different and be you. Hahaha
live more
I would tell the right persons name, cause you only know your lover when you let her go.
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