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My eyes have been opened To the image of something grand Because now instead of hoping Things are going according to plan The idea of becoming right Is no longer impossible The future is bright And now seems plausible My heart was once broken By who I dubbed as the villain But it was words left unspoken That drove the last nail in I have come to peace with my flaws And her methods of ending it And it feels like her claws Are no longer choking my neck And to cap it all off A girl comes to me She says she's had enough Because of me she can see She showers me with love Until I am drowning And when I stick my head above I never see her frowning I am almost afraid Of this happy moment in time So I start looking for aid Before I see the signs I know it is foolish To look for the end I know too how useless It is to crack at every bend So I will enjoy my time with her Until fate sees fit May it be til November Or even longer than I'm scared to admit