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Thanks to @SassyMaknae, I was able to discover Melody Day!~ Normally, I'm not a big fan of girl groups, but I actually like Melody Day. Just like their name states, most of their music has alot of melodies, however their song "Speed Up" is completely different from the majority of the songs I've heard them sing . Which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. ^^
These are some more songs that I personally enjoyed that have more of a ballad/melody feel. They've also done some collabs with Mad Clown, Ravi (V.I.X.X), & Changmin (2AM). 3 boys I happen to be a fan of. Win-Win situation for me. ;)
Now share some info about the group. Melody Day debuted in 2014. Their company is Viewga Entertainment and they are a 4 member girl group~
Yeo Eun: Leader, Vocal. 01.25.90
Yoomin: Vocal. 08.29.93
Ye In: Vocal. 05.04.95
Cha Hee: Vocal, Maeknae. 03.24.96
So, I hope Melody Day has sparked your interest ;) They've done a few OST's so maybe you've already heard one of their songs! If you're already a fan, which is your favorite member or your favorite song. Since I'm still new to them it'll help me a lot. Again, Thank you @SassyMaknae for introducing me to them. It was really fun! ;D @Ercurrent @aliendestina @CuteBabyLay @TerraToyaSi @lizochoa @imahurrucane @merryjayne13
@SassyMaknae Thank you! I never knew they existed until now...πŸ˜…
I'm so glad that you enjoyed this!!