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Yes yes I'm not only one day late but two! lol but I'm still posting it anyway!! For this week's edition of Waifu Wednesday deceased edition I'm not just picking one character but ALL the girls from Angel Beats! The show that will have you laughing till your dead then crying till you wish you were dead!!
All of these girls are awesome! They each have their own unique personality and all make me laugh! I won't put any spoilers in here being it's so late and I don't want to ruin anything for anyone who hasn't watch it yet (if you haven't watched it, QUIT SLACKING OFF AND WATCH THIS AMAZING SHOW!!)
I just want to say to those who have watched it. If you remember these two scenes right here then without a doubt you were crying your eyes out! These two scene hit me in the feels so hard! Watch Angel Beats the said, it's funny they said! They weren't wrong but left out that it'll have you crying like a little baby!
I rushed this one so sorry it's not as well thought out as usual but that's all for this week! Until next week's WW see ya! @hikaymm @blackoutzj @InVinsybll @slimbrown13 @majahnnelson @PASCUASIO @JohnMcCullough @AshChrimson @aidangiannattas @tylor619cruz @voidx @janxsalas @jessicaferrier @SAMURXAI @otakudemon10
Have you watched Your Lie In April? @Straightshooter
@tylor619cruz Yes I have, HOWEVER unlike clannad and Angel beats there was so many death flags popping up that it didn't surprise me that Kaori was going to die. :( I mean it made me super sad but it wasnt sudden like the moments in those animes were. Thats what made me tear up was the sudden ON NO moments :(
@Straightshooter the ending of Plastic Memories made me tear up too!
This and Clannad, the only to animes to ever make me not only cry, but I mean actually break down and cry like a little baby. who says a grown man cant cry. The only other show other than these two to make me cry was the movie Marley and Me and thats because ive owned dogs all my life and I always think of them. Dusty, Harley, Sandy you were great dogs!! :(......
@tylor619cruz right! I only cried like 5 times! lol
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