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A Questionnaire for Writers 1. Where do you write? Usually on my home bed, or in the school library. 2. What are your writing habits? I usually accompany writing with music. I write better with inspirational music. 3. How do you write your first drafts? I word vomit. So I chuck cohesiveness and grammar out the window and just vomit my rough draft to get a rough sketch of how my work is going to turn out. 4. Subsequent drafts? I keep on editing on different pages. Edit 2 or 3 times over. 5. Do you keep a writing journal or notebook? Yes! I write a diary to God everyday, and it really helps because the best way a writer gets inspired is understanding their own life story from an objective and wise point of view. I discover more about this mysterious character called me. Writing a journal makes me aware of my own self identity. And that`s really important as a writer. 3. How do your organize your journal/notebook? I have a daily diary, a scribble journal where I write random stuff and new ideas of story plots. I also have a quotes book, a poem book and heaps and heaps of story ideas and plots and even character and scenario notebooks. My shelf is literally piled with writing. 4. What’s your biggest challenge as a writer? Overcoming procrastination and smartphone and youtube and music addiction. 5. Do you have a good luck talisman? Ummmm... I pray to God if I lose too much focus. Usually I start my day off with a daily verse from the Bible to keep God`s word at heart. 6. Which writers have most influenced you or inspired you? Apostle Paul, CS Lewis and F Scott Fitzgerald. I love JK Rowling too. Shakespeare also. But at the bottom line, I was so inspired by The Great Gatsby. As it is literally a summary of my own life at its core. 6. What genre(s) do you (aspire to) write? Mainly Young Adult Fiction. I want to write about how dangerous infatuation and lust and passion can be to young minds and how easy it is to fall in love and lose yourself along the way. After focusing on YA fiction, I want to write fantasy stories to kids and then maybe one day I will write more for adults as I get older. But I will always write for teens!!! 7. Any quirky habits you’ve developed? I need a good pen or sharp lid pencil when I write. A good pen and notebook is essential. 7. Are you inclined to learn by primarily by reading other writers you love? Yes and no. I learnt heaps from studying masterminds of English Literature. I loved and adored F Scott Fitzgerald, and I have always believed that unrequited love stories are the most beautiful out of all ever since reading The Great Gatsby. No, because I write from my own life experience as a Christian girl living in a corrupted and sinful world. I also write about my own dark and sinful nature. But I think I am most inspired by the Bible, as it is the cornerstone of everything I write. I am first and foremost a Christian writer before anything else. And if I don`t write about my faith, I really have nothing valuable to tell the world.
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I liked reading this, and getting to know your work more!