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Thanks to @SassyMaknae for this idea. I've been meaning to check out more Kpop groups I have a long list actually and this group was on it I just hadn't gotten to them yet.
My adopted Kpop group is Topp Dogg
Originally a 13-member group, they are currently a 10-member group. The members that are longer there are Park Hyunho – Seogoong, Jin Hyosang – Kidoh, Kim Dongsung- Gohn, and Cavan Chen- Leon.
Sadly, Cavan Chen left the group due to racism, physical and verbal abuse from a certain member and management. I find this very sad, but it’s everywhere I have to remember that. It makes me grateful for the bands that I like that have been together for ever without changes in members.
(P-Goon) real name: Park Se Hyuk
Bday: 10/18/91
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
(Jenissi) real name: Kim Tae Yang
Bday: 10/19/91
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
(Sangdo) real name: Yoo Sang Do
Bday: 3/2/93
Position: Main Vocalist
(Nakta) real name: Shin Yoon Cheol
Bday: 4/24/93
Position: Vocalist, talent for doing a camel impression
(Xero) real name: Shin Ji Ho
Bday: 2/3/94
Position: Main Dancer, Rapper
(Atom) real name: Kim Sang Gyun
Bday: 5/23/95
Position: Rapper
(B-Joo) Kim Byung Joo
Bday: 1/8/94
Position: Vocalist & Dancer
(Hansol) real name: Kim Han Sol
Bday: 6/15/93
Position: Lead Dancer
(Hojoon) real name: Jeon Ho Joon
Bday: 10/31/92
Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Street Dancer
(Yano) real name: Seo Sang Won
Bday: 9/27/95
Position: Rapper, Maknae
MY BIASES (Ranked in order of favorites)
1. HANSOL why well, maybe it's because he's sassy, great at girl dances, reminds me of my UB Key. His voice is amazing and I fell when I saw his eyes. (Yes I always look to the eyes first) Topp Dogg did videos of them saying English names and his reactions were too cute and his laugh I just couldn't help but smile.
2. B-Joo is just too adorable, if I had a little brother, actually if I had two brother's I would want them to be Hansol and B-Joo, they remind me of the Hitachiin Twins Hikaru and Kaoru.
3. Hojoon I swear is it just me or does he look like Key from SHINee? I swear I may be loosing my mind. He sings a song from one of my favorite Kdrama's Please come back mister. It's called Back Then check it out he has a really nice voice.
4. Jenissi when I watched him on the English name thing he reminded me of Johnny Depp and Eric Nam. And man does he look sexy in glasses.
5. A-Tom he is just beautiful his eyes so beautiful. When I first saw him I had to look at him really close to make sure he was male and not female. He looks great both ways. If he was to get into acting I would love to see him in a historical drama because I really love him with long hair.
6. Yano of course he's the maknae, and I find I'm attracted to maknae's (Thanks Taemin you've ruined me). But it's mostly a motherly or sisterly type of attraction, but there are those few (Taemin, Jungkook) who slip through and I have to watch myself. But he is just so cute and then he can be sexy too so yeah he's one I'm gonna have to keep my cool with.
So yeah I got a little carried away with videos I tend to do that with groups I really like so. This group I really enjoy their music can't wait to see what they do in the future