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In case you weren't aware, orange is not the new black.

Black is the new black. When it comes to minimalism, black speaks at high volume. There's nothing like throwing on a black dress, black boots and a black leather jacket to match -- or better yet, black demin, a black shirt and some black sneaks. It's simple, it's comfortable and you can literally never go wrong with black, or can you?
Well, black can bring about a few unnecessary struggles that at the end of the day would probably prefer not having to deal with. Like the lent that is just way too visible or the hairs from your pet that sheds way too much -- it happens, but life would be so much better if it didn't. If you're a fan of black, but prefer dealing without the common struggles that come with wearing the color far too often -- keep scrolling and check out the accurately hilarious video below.

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Do you find yourself wearing black a lot?
love biker jackets! @dianes6711
I have my leather jacket but its a biker jacket from my racing days.
The most bright I'll wear is on my lips or my nails these days @primodiva93
Naw, I like bright colors lol
It's annoying! I was living with someone over the summer & they had a cat. I could never wear black confidently lol so I feel your pain @marshalledgar
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